About us

This is about us!!

This business journey is a reminder of how precious family, education, love and life is.  Asmara means love and passion.  

Asmara is a unisex name that resonates with personal attributes of kindness, compassion, confidence, strength and beauty.  It is through Asmara Collection we aim to:

  • empower each other and others
  • offer personal styling service that is educational and empowering

Asmara Collection endeavours to deliver affordable and on-trend fashion that will project confidence and style.

Background to why we are who we are

We have been so fortunate to have a father who is wise, forward thinking, kind, compassionate, loving, adventurous and courageous. He values education and instilled in us to learn, to be opened to new ideas and adventures.  Our father has always said to us "you may have all the formal education, money and material possession in the world, but if you don't have love, compassion, kindness, respect and the courage to act, all of those other things are useless".  He stressed the importance of being courageous, to be creative and to standup and-standout in the crowd. 

Our mother who has the status of "matriarch" is also worth a mention.  She has so many qualities we aspire to: loving, forgiving, industrious, kind, generous, firm, organised, outwardly thinking, creative, independent and so much more. She stressed independence and being able to fend for ourselves.  She is doer, and being idle is not her strength.  

Our family is like any normal family.  Central to our family and relationship is the care we have for each other and being there for each other, no matter where we are.  We're very supportive of each other in our many endeavours. We believe everything is possible, we anticipate challenges and work out ways to overcome it. Our persistence, courage, perseverance and determination are our strength and also our weakness.  Nonetheless, it's the journey, the connections, friendships and the learning that counts!

Come with us on our journey and experience our adventures through this fashion business. We have so many things planned.  Stay in contact and we will share with you who we are.  

If you just want to get in touch and ask us a question, just email us at asmaracollection@telstra.com

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Lots of Love

Asmara's family