About us

I am an educator, who is interested in business and fashion.

My husband would say I am a “workaholic” because I have been known to immerse myself in my work as an educator. This Fashion Passion Project "Asmara Collection" is a great distraction from being an educator. 

This is my on-the-side business where I can immerse in something that is “not as serious” as educating young minds, but a space that can be fun and creative, but also educational and a platform to empower others.

Growing up, like many other young people, clothing and fashion were my interests, for this reason Asmara Collection came about.....Tell me who doesn't like or wish that they can dress up and feel confident?

The name Asmara is a unisex name that resonates with personal attributes of kindness, compassion, confidence, strength, beauty and love. It is also my brother’s name. He was left with an acquired brain injury after an accident. Prior to the accident, he was innovative and entrepreneurial. For this reason I have named this Fashion Passion Project Asmara Collection. I can recall he was always conscientious of the way he looks, so this business is fitting of his personality too.

The purpose of the this Fashion Passion Project is to:

  • Empower women through Fashion and Knowledge through education
  • Offer personal styling service 
  • To deliver affordable fashion that will project confidence and style

Should you want to ask questions or just curious about this Fashion Passion Project, please email hello@asmaracollection.com.au  My aim is to respond within 48 hours.

Should you want to leave a suggestions about how we can make improvements to:

  • Asmara Collection Business
  • Your Shopping Experience on the website
  • Engagement
  • etc 

Please follow this link and add your suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Asmara Collection.

Asmara's sister!